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RFID based School Management System

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RFID based School Management System

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This is a Ready made RFID School Attendance System is a GPS and RFID based attendance system for Schools, Training centre & Educational Institutions with Online or offline school management software and mobile APP. This is best RFID attendance system ever.This system has an inbuilt facility of sending automatic SMS alerts to the parents/guardians of the students.

Arriving: Each student wears a tag with unique ID . When he enter the gate, reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS or email.

Leaving: When student leave school, the reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to system to inform his/her parents via SMS or email.

How does it works

ERP software consists of the following tightly integrated modules:
  • ⇛ RFID reader will be installed on every gate of a school
  • ⇛ Every student would be issued an RFID card
  • ⇛ When a student comes in the vicinity of RFID reader, the ID and contact information will be stored in the platform.
  • ⇛ As soon as the student enters or leaves the school, the RFID reader will automatically detect the card and send a SMS to his/her parents.

We will provide:

  • ⇛ All Kinds of school stationery items , likes Books, Pencils , Notebooks etc

Why should I use this RFID Student Attendance System ?

  • ⇛ Total safety of your child.
  • ⇛ Creates a user-friendly messaging system.
  • ⇛ Simple and easy to use software.
  • ⇛ Prevent bunking and loitering.
  • ⇛ 100 percent accuracy in attendance.
  • ⇛ Zero irregularities in the attendance process.
  • ⇛ Improves student attendance ratios.
  • ⇛ Reduce use of paper – a green initiative.
  • ⇛ Guardians and teachers can communicate conveniently and efficiently.
  • ⇛ Healthy inter-personal relationship between the school and parents brings in more comfort and builds emotional quotient.

Why should I use this sumDax RFID based School management system?

SumDax RFID based School management system manages your students, record fee structure & collection module, stationary management, examination management, reports cards, examination results etc.
  • ⇛ Enroll new student in your school management software less than one minute.
  • ⇛ Quickly collect admission fee from students
  • ⇛ Manage stock and payment information
  • ⇛ Easily collect student fees from online or by hand
  • ⇛ One click view & Print Student Payment information, Send SMS for pending payment alert
  • ⇛ One click view & Print Student attendance report

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